2015 Sales Calendar

Leahcim 28th Poll Merino Sale

2015 Poll Merino sale catalogue

Tuesday 15th September 2015
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Leahcim 28th Annual White Suffolk Sale

2015 White Suffolk Catalogue

Friday 18th September 2015
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Brilliant sheep in testing times.


 Leahcim Newsletter
July 2014







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We are extremely proud of the sheep we will offer this year, without a doubt the best line up of rams to be sold at Leahcim. Over a 5 year period we have managed to increase the number of rams that are positive for fat and muscle from 14% in 2010 to 86% in this year’s catalogue. Also improving YWT ASBV average in the rams offered from 4.5 to 7, staple lengths from 9 to 12 and a fleece weight average up to 17% from 14%. Along with the increased ASBV’s our muscle patterns are continuing to improve, particularly through the width of loin and muscling through the twist. We are extremely pleased with the whiteness and the quality of the wool that the rams are carrying this year. This has all been achieved with the quality of the sires and the use of ET and JIVET in tandem with Genomics to identify superior sires and donor ewes earlier to fast track our Genetic interval. Breeding for the future!

JIVET and Genomics

Follow the Links below to see how we are super-charging our genetic gain in the most exciting breeding program ever undertaken anywhere



>> Leahcim Newsletter July 2013



White Suffolks

Poll Merinos